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Ignition Training

Mastering the Age of smart humans

The truth about altering your business is: It requires true grit. You'll need powerful attacking tactics based on pace, knowledge and vision. Learn how to adopt them with us

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⏥ Training Purpose

This training is an open-ended and high valuable design training based on experimentation. It will help you to uncover critical strategic potentials, to tackle transformative business challenges and therefore to build actionable conclusions.

→  Exploit potentials in experimentation combat mode. Learn fast through rotating team setups. Gain maximum momentum and how to implement those methods into your corporate culture.

Who should participate

This training is intended for leading professionals who want to challenge their business, it's models or who strive for change. From R&D to Innovation, Business Transformation, Talent, Strategy or Marketing.

What's in for you

Over the 2 days you will engage in an evidence-based, team-focused and fast-paced training with us. You will learn how to

  • Rapidly explore and analyze the world around you
  • Identify strategies for next practices
  • Build fluid team setups with smart attacking skills
  • Design, Iterate and evaluate against research
  • Quickly develop, evaluate and adjust new initiatives

⏥ Training Details

Day 1

Approx. 9 am — 6 pm

Twenty Thousand Leagues
Research & Scoping

  • Work out problem statements for specific challenges
  • Deep dive into those problems and identify the root problem
  • Dig out the right strategic potentials
  • Set scopes of value for idea generation

Day 2

Approx. 9 am — 6 pm

Interstellar Voyage
Application & Strategy

  • From Scope of Value to Rapid Prototyping
  • Iterate through prototypes by critical review
  • match against research and scoping
  • Define next steps

Learning outcomes

Our 2-day training is crammed with action-oriented analytical exercises, tactical considerations and outcome-focused design strategies led by strategists and product designers

You'll learn how to push innovation and business transformation through experimentation. Learn how to differentiate from others by going beyond known boundaries, we always tend to be stuck in — in regards of function, services and look. Remap your intangible business values and practice change.

Immersive problem solving

Acquire the skills to dig out potentials by critical review and deep analysis

Improve brand health state

Define your brand vision and build your products by design thinking

Integrate Design by Evidence

Learn the tools and methods to run evidence-based design on an executive level, by bridging research and design in an effective manner.

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